Concise Arabic-English Lexicon Verbs Context
This classic learning aid, popular with teachers and students alike, has now been fully revised and substantially expanded for a complete new edition. With a fully vocalized Arabic text in clear, legible type, this invaluable lexicon now contains more than 3,500 Arabic verbs from 1,450 verb roots. Entries feature concise English definitions, the perfect and imperfect tenses and verbal noun of each verb, and carefully crafted context sentences to illustrate the correct usage and clarify the meaning. An index of English definition helps the user navigate the entries.

Author: Hassanein, Abdou and El-Seoud
Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press
Publication date: March 2011 / Pages: 548 / PDF 67 MB

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The Concise Arabic-English Lexicon of Verbs in Context arabicenglish concise context lexicon verbs