[TD="colspan: 6"]Traditional Yemeni main dishes

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Zahawag askary (Tomatoes sauce with spices)
Zahawag Cheese (Tomatoes sauce with spices and Yemeni goat cheese)
Shafuut (Bread with yogurt, meant, spices and herbs)
Helba (Sauce of various spices and herbs)
Bent A Sahn (Puff Pastry covered by honey)
Buraik (Puff Pastry stuffed with mincemeat)
Sabaya (Typical Yemeni bread covered with honey for breakfast)
Shorba Adas (Lentils soup)
Shorba Khodar (Vegetable soup)
Shorba Burr (Wheat soup)

Marag Lahme (Meat soup)
Hanid (Lamb meat *****d in typical oven with spices)
Kabsa (Rice with meat)
Agda (Meat *****d with vegetable, tomato, sauce and spices)
Mokhbaza Sayed (Fish *****d with spices)
Kebda (Liver *****d with spices) breakfast/dinner
Lahme zugar (Meat *****d with spices) breakfast/dinner
Harish ("Polenta" of wheat flour with honey)
Asid ("polenta" with meat both)
Fatta Marag (Dry bread with meat soup)

Full (Broad beans)
Fasulia (Beans)
Mshakkle (Mixed vegetable)
Adas (Lentils)

Kudam (Several different types of whole meal flour)
Meluga (wheat flour)(Sana’a / Highlands)
Shaer (Barley flour) (Sana’a / Highlands)
Rumi (Maize flour) (Sana’a / Highlands)
Kafua Bilsen (Lentils flour)
Khobs (Wheat flour)
Rashwsh (Wheat flour) (Taiz/ Aden)



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