Interviewing locals from the target language


In order to improve the online learning environment, YIAL is planning free learning activities such as interviews, debates, and discussions about real topics from Yemen Life on regular bases (30 to 60 minutes each month). Our contribution as a team will succeed these activities and achieve the goals.



Assalamu ‘Alaykum textbooks 4, 5 &6 (MSA IV, V, VI)

GPA phase 4, and 5

Yemeni Arabic (Intermediate low & Intermediate High)

Topic of the interview

How Yemenis live their daily life (6 am to 10 pm) through the lack of (electricity, water, &fuel), & their hopes for future.

Activities (by Students)

Interview a Yemeni person online, record this interview, and send it to and to your teacher.

Write the recorded interview, scan your writing and send it to and to your teacher to get his/her feedback.

After you get the feedback from your teacher, prepare the last draft of the interview, and add it to your archive.

Talk about this interview online with another learner.

Organization (by teachers)

Make arrangements for this interview with a Yemeni person, and will send you his/her email so you can email this person and fix the time for the interview within the 1st or the 2nd week of November.

Review your recordings, and writings within the 3rd week of November, and share his/her comments with you.

Make arrangements with another learner through the fourth week of November, so you can meet him/her online to talk about your interview with the Yemeni person.

Sharing learning Experience

YIAL will post a few examples of these assignment on ASAKtextbooks website which will be samples of learning (if you give us permission to post your assignments).

Interviewing Locals from the Target language interviewing language language assignments locals target